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I am a multi-talented, professional artist and designer. I am constantly learning and enjoy a very diverse range of crafts and artistic mediums. I believe that with every new skill I develop I become a more effective artist and human being. I work primarily with Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft programs. My favorite program is Adobe Photoshop. My freelance work includes graphic design for small businesses, organizations & individuals. I am an established commission based portrait artist. I have worked as a graphics specialist and designer for over 8 years as an individual and for companies and small businesses. I love my work and I aim to keep developing and applying my skills to bring projects to life. Assorted Works and Intellectual Properties ©2010-2019 Sydnie Paoli-Sherman

Commission Portraits
Find out more about my commission based portrait process, memorial portraits and more.
Portraiture Overview
This is an introduction to my portraiture work and process.
Pet Portraits
This is an Introduction to my freelance pet portrait work.
Graphic Design & Work Experience
I have been working with programs like Photoshop for over 10 years. I remember getting my first computer, and a hand me down copy of Adobe Photoshop...
2D & 3D Design & Concept Art
Mood Boards, Material Specifications, 2D &3D renderings. My main tools for this process are Photoshop & Illustrator & Dimension.
Kickstart My Project
"I don't know how long I searched for you. Through Winters, Springs, and Summers too. I searched high, and I searched low. I traveled through the rain and snow. I climbed up mountains, and dove into the sea. And I prayed that the tide would bring you to me...."
Ceramic Arts
...Wheel and hand construction has influenced the way I treat other materials including thread, fabric, paint and digital art....
Sculpture & Multimedia
Examples of my sculptural work and installations with construction descriptions and process notes.
Fabric & Thread Arts
This page includes product design and production. I am a self taught crochet artist, I have been producing and selling crocheted goods for years, recently I began creating pretend play fool for kids.
...I enjoy the freeness of illustration. Colors, shapes and proportions can be stretched and altered to evoke emotions in a way that life drawing cannot...
Children's Books & Story Boards
...My stories have given me the greatest escape from the world. A tiny place for innocent things to hide. A place where anything is possible. A place where children can be the heroes of their own stories...
Animatics & Animation
I have always dabbled in animation and adore 2D, hand drawn. The following is the extent of my dabbling thus far.
Hobby Art & Miniatures
Learn a little more about what I do in my "Free Time" Over the years I have picked up a few odd hobbies. Every now and then they become useful, but I do it all mostly for the fun of it. My life belongs to art, in any form it takes :)
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